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Goldcrest Apartments – An Architectural Marvel

Welcome to Goldcrest Apartments, an architectural marvel that redefines luxury and elegance in the city’s heart. Rising majestically into the sky, Goldcrest Mall & Residency stands tall as a testament to modern-day engineering and human ambition. Rising majestically over the urban horizon architecture, the sheer height of Goldcrest Apartments offers staggering, panoramic views of the bustling cityscape. Step into unparalleled elegance and sophistication at the breathtaking Goldcrest Grand Mall & Residency, a testament of grandeur that redefines luxury living at its best.

Goldcrest Apartments

Step into elegance and sophistication at the breathtaking 14-story Goldcrest Apartments to experience luxury living, shopping, and entertainment under one roof. Explore the emporium of premium hospitality services in Lahore. The true splendor of Goldcrest Mall & Residency is not just its majestic structure but what lies above – Goldcrest Apartments, designed to create the perfect ambiance for travelers. In this realm of splendor, luxury isn’t just a word but a way of life. It’s a celebration of individuality and refinement. Each apartment is a sanctuary of impeccable design, adorned with facilities and amenities to make you feel right at home. At Goldcrest Apartments, you have access to everything you can think of. From a private kitchen, large living rooms, a dedicated terrace with panoramic city views, and magnificent bedrooms you experience the best hospitality services.

Goldcrest Mall

Ascending through the entrance, you enter in an aura of the luxurious Goldcrest Mall & Residency that unfolds before you through a symphony of high-end boutiques, shops, breakfast cafes, and a lot more under one roof. As you walk through its marble-clad corridors, shimmering under the delicate glow of bespoke chandeliers, you have unlimited access to exclusive options to shop for your favorite products and plenty of entertainment options. A cinema playing classics and blockbusters helps you catch up with your favorite movies. These ateliers aren’t just shops; they are sanctuaries of style. Find exclusive couture collections all under one roof. Goldcrest Mall also features a cinema, a kids’ area, and an outdoor restaurant. The restaurant can be accessed by guests using the apartment elevators dedicated for the residents of Goldcrest. For more information about the mall please visit

Prayer Room

Nestled within a serene environment, Goldcrest Apartments has a dedicated place of worship, a sanctum of spiritual communion. Gently echoing the call to prayer, the chamber resonates with the devout intentions of its faithful visitors, offering solace five times a day. Its walls, bathed in soft, earthen hues, while the intricate geometric patterns and calligraphic engravings narrate tales of devotion and the unbreakable bond with the Divine.

Panoramic City Views

Morning dawns with a ballet of colors as the sunrise paints the skyline in hues of gold, amber, and blush. As the day unfolds, watch the city awaken, its heartbeat evident in the bustling streets below and the soaring skyscrapers that reach out to kiss the heavens. Evenings at Goldcrest Apartments are nothing short of a magical trip. As the sun takes its final bow, it casts a golden veil over the metropolis. From your panoramic windows or expansive balconies, the city unveils itself in layers. The sparkling night creates a celestial mirror of twinkling lights. When night descends, the view transforms into an entrancing skyline setting the stage for the stars and city lights to shine with neon golden glows and twinkling lights.

Outdoor Terrace

What sets Goldcrest Apartments apart from traditional hotels are it’s private terraces that extend from one bedroom to two bedroom apartments with ample space of the city’s skyline. Imagine mornings where your first interaction is with the sun, gently casting its warm glow upon your private terrace. At Goldcrest Apartments, the delicate aroma of freshly brewed coffee with the fresh dawn air is the perfect start for a splendid day till the magnificence of evening. As the sun’s amber fingers stretch across the horizon, your terrace, softly lit by the incandescent embrace of twilight, becomes the perfect alcove for a serene dinner. With the vast expanse of the city’s skyline as your backdrop, even the simplest moments become memories etched in gold. 

Dedicated Kitchen

At the heart Goldcrest Apartments is the private kitchen, a modern masterpiece equipped with a comprehensive array of top-of-the-line amenities and appliances. At Goldcrest Apartments, we believe that the heart of a home often beats loudest in the kitchen. And so, we invite you to not just make meals but to experience complete independence like home. Whether you’re preparing a quiet breakfast or a sumptuous dinner our kitchens have you covered. A canvas of pristine marble countertops is complemented by cabinets with cutlery to crockery—crisp plates, gleaming glasses, polished forks, and spoons. At the heart of our kitchens, you’ll discover a state-of-the-art electric cooking stove, a microwave oven, a refrigerator to help you prepare meals.

Parking Space

At Goldcrest Apartments, we don’t just offer you a luxury apartment but we present to you a seamless experience, starting from the moment you drive in. Recognizing the nuances of travel and the little things that matter, we offer free parking service absolutely complimentary for our cherished guests. But it’s not just about the space; it’s about the peace of mind. Security is paramount, with round-the-clock surveillance ensuring your vehicle remains just as you left it. Moreover, the proximity of our parking facility to the apartment entrance elevators means no long walks or waiting; you’re moments away from getting to your apartment. For any parking related questions please visit FAQ.

On site aTM

For residents of Goldcrest Apartments, the ATM services seamlessly blend into their daily routines. Whether it’s early morning or late at night, guests access a 24/7 on-site ATM. The availability of an ATM on-site saves our guests valuable time in traveling far from the property to make cash withdrawals. Guests can withdraw cash using a debit or credit card with ease. Another integral feature of Goldcrest Apartments is the availability of several international banks at a distance of less than 1 KM. For guests, the availability of 24/7 banking facilities eliminates the need to venture far for their banking, ensuring complete financial management for our guests on the go during traveling.
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